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Web, iOS & Android


Fintech, Blockchain


Workshops, UX, UI, Design System

User Interface of the CoinTracker Web App


CoinTracker is a YCombinator-backed company focused on cryptocurrency tax and portfolio tracking. This tool supports over 300 integrations and is used by more than 300k users. It is available as a web app as well as for iOS and Android.


CoinTracker already had web and mobile applications, but they lacked a common design language. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are still at an early stage of adoption it was also very challenging to design an interface that is both intuitive and supports the addition of assets from numerous platforms.

CoinTracker Design System Screens

My role

I initially conducted design workshops which identified the direction of product design, as well as what room there was for gradual improvement. My main goal was to improve the product experience and allow the application to flawlessly track different crypto assets. I was also in charge of creating web and mobile Design Systems to be used within the platform.

Onboarding Screens for CoinTracker Web Application

Dark mode

Another challenge we had to face was creating an adaptable and simple dark mode. This feature was highly requested by our users. I had to use colour mapping and make sure each and every colour has its equivalent that resonates well in various conditions. This way the users can easily switch the theme depending on their needs and preferences.

A Side-by-side Comparison of the CoinTracker App’s Dark and Light Modes
Quotation marks representing a client's testimonial
We solve the crypto portfolio tracking and tax problems better than anyone else. One of the keys to our success has been the focus on user experience and simplicity.
Chandan Lodha, the COO and Co-Founder at CoinTracker

Chandan Lodha

COO and Co-Founder at CoinTracker

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