I'm Jakub – product-oriented designer

I'm an experienced design partner that helps early-stage startups and established product companies turn their ideas into reality. Focused on product goals, not just pushing pixels.

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Tailored design process

Abstract circle representing Jakub Wojnar-Płeszka’s discovery phase in his design process


Getting to know the product vision and focusing on user and business goals.

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Transitioning your vision into wireframes, user flows and prototypes.

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Turning validated ideas into pixel-perfect and scalable designs.

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Build, prototype, test, repeat. I don’t push pixels and then stop.

Gigs I’ve been up to

CoinTracker —

Making cryptocurrency easily accessible to everyone

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Tykr —

Educating investors to make their first steps

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Slickplan —

Simplifying content creation and website planning

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Harmonogram —

Shortening the distance for distributed software teams

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What clients say

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Jakub is creative, productive, and creates designs that are clean, simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing. He is great to work with and consistently delivers excellent work.

Jon Lerner, the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinTracker

Jon Lerner

CEO and Co-Founder at CoinTracker
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Jakub is a rock star. All of his designs are of superb quality and consistently exceed our expectations. I would describe him as a responsible and proactive team player.

Photo of Elgar Weijtmans

Elgar Weijtmans

CTO and Co-Founder at Tykr
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It's not often you get to work with a designer who thoughtful, talented and humble. Jakub checks all those boxes. It has been my pleasure to work alongside him.

Ian Lawson, the CEO and Founder of Slickplan

Ian Lawson

CEO and Founder at Slickplan
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I have worked with many designers and Jakub was by far the best to work with. Excellent at communication, always confirms details and assists with a clean, innovative design.

Photo of Shawn Stern

Shawn Stern

CEO at Alpha Omega Technologies

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