Harmonogram case study —

Shortening the distance for distributed software teams

Project type

Web & Mobile app


HR Management


UX Audit, UX, UI, Design System

Design System and User Interface for the Harmonogram Web App


Rebased is a software development agency that hires world-class developers. They approached me to design and improve their product - an agency management tool. It initially started as a small project that substantially evolved into a real product.


The product itself had already been used by the team members, but it lacked consistency and the accessibility was very poor. My main challenge was to unify the UI components and redesign all of the core functionality. The application is used by 2 user groups - employees and managers, which also made it demanding to design.

Mobile Screens of the Harmonogram Web App

My role

I was in charge of the whole product design process, which started with an audit of the current version of the product. This evolved into an extraction of the current UI elements into components before everything was redesigned step-by-step. All the features were tailored to both web and mobile.

User Interface Mockup for the Harmonogram Web Application
Quotation marks representing a client's testimonial
The connection between the newest design trends and usability has made our product user-friendly, thus the user doesn’t get lost while searching for any information.

Kamila Wyroślak

CAO at Rebased

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